Give the Gift Of a Better Period (or Everyday)

Give the Gift Of a Better Period (or Everyday)

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Bundles for Every Occasion!

Cracking the code of finding the perfect gift or stocking-stuffer can be tricky, but fear not – we've got your back! Whether you're shopping for your bestie, sister, or that special someone, our bundles are here to make your gifting woes vanish like magic. Our undies make some of the BEST stocking stuffers! And hey, if the options are too overwhelming, we've got the ultimate "get whatever you want" card – the Cares gift card!

1. For the Period Prodigy: Plus Size Besties Bundle

Cater to the needs of your period pro with our Plus Size Besties Bundle. This powerhouse trio – Toni, Freya, and Charlie – offers unmatched comfort and security during the heaviest of flows. Because warriors deserve the best armor! Although this bundle is specifically curated for plus-sizes, all sizes can shop this bundle of some of our best-sellers in the classic black colour!

Shop Plus Size Besties Bundle here

2. For the Style Maven: Feelin' Seggsy Bundle

Elevate their underwear game with our Feelin' Seggsy Bundle. From the timeless Freya to the super-flattering and alluring Kim, this bundle is a wardrobe essential. Sexy, comfy, and always in style – because life's too short for frumpy or bulky period undies!

Shop Feelin' Seggsy Bundle here

3. For the First-Timer: The Teen Starter Pack

Starting the period journey can be a rollercoaster. Ease them in with our Teen Starter Pack – a perfect mix of comfort and cuteness. Charlie, Nina, and Frankie have got them covered from the very first day.

Shop Teen Starter Bundle here

4. For the New Mom: The Postpartum Besties Bundle

Celebrate the new mom in your life with the Postpartum Besties Bundle. Remi, Charlie, and Freya are the perfect companions for those postpartum days. Tried-and-tested by the co-CEO and new mom, Sara, herself! Thoughtful, practical, and designed for ultimate comfort.

Shop Postpartum Besties Bundle here

5. For the Undecided: The Cares Gift Card


Revol Cares Physical Gift Card


Not sure which bundle to choose? Keep it simple and let them decide with a Cares gift card. The perfect present for those who like a little mystery or simply want to select their favorites. Physical gift cards are also available to ship to you before December 15th (if you want it for the 25th)!

Shop Gift Cards here

Remember, the best gifts come from the heart, and with Cares, you're not just giving undies; you're giving comfort, confidence, and a little extra love during that time of the month.

Happy gifting and Happy Holidays from all of us at the Cares Team!

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