how it works

Yes, it aaaactually works! We stand behind our products 100%! As long as you pair the right protection level with your flow (i.e., Super protection on those first few heavy days) you can wear our undies up to 12 hours worry free!

Make sure to rinse the underwear immediately after you use them, if you can't put them in the washing machine right away, let them hang dry, until you are ready to wash. Don't let them hang for more than 2-3 days before washing.

Flows are subjective! So, when trying out leak proof underwear for the first time, check your undies every hour to make sure that they are doing well. Have a look to see if the blood is consistently getting closer to the edge of the gusset. You may find out that you might need a higher or lower level of protection than expected!

Typically, you can feel the underwear reaching that point of getting ready to change. It's kind of an intuitive thing, just like pads!

We say that our undies can last up to 12 hours because that's a real number! Our underwear is lab-tested with blood at a consistent drip for a total of 8 hours (a workday.) The Ultra - Charlie was able to hold 120ml in 8 hours, and still could keep going!

You may need to change them more frequently than 12 hours (especially on really heavy days) because our bodies can offload a ton all at once.

You won't feel wet, the underwear doesn't get heavier, and nothing swells up. It literally just feels like wearing underwear! 

Everything gets absorbed and you feel dry and comfortable the whole time!  Our natural bamboo fabric is breathable, helps to prevent bacteria growth and locks in odour, so you'll feel dry & clean all day!

Our Ultra protection was made for you! If you have to change your other products (tampons, pads, cup) every 1.5-2hrs, then these will be life changing! They’re also great for Fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, or simply genetics!

Check out our Ultra protection options on our shop page!

While we initially developed our underwear specifically for periods, they are also great at preventing leaks of all kinds! Shop our Bladder Leak or Postpartum Needs collections for our recommended styles!

Yes! ALL of our underwear (other than the Light protection) have the leak proof layer going all the way up the back and the front, so you’re 100% covered!

Our Essentials line was specifically developed to be sold in stores at an accessible price point, keeping absorption the same but simplifying the styles to be more approachable and adaptable to first time shoppers.

Think of Essentials as your favourite black t-shirt that goes with everything.

Compared to the Essentials, the Classics line offers more variety to suit personal needs like specific fits, varying protection levels and colours.

Think of Classics as that jacket that shows your personality and makes you stand a little taller.

Check out our Essentials page for more information and to find out where you can shop!


Yes! Our undies have always been and always will be PFAS free!

What does PFAS free mean? It means that our products have been rigorously third-party tested for PFAS and are certified PFAS-free (non-detectable over 30 parts per million.)

PFAS can be absorbed through the skin and have been shown to have negative effects on human health. Typically, it's found in non-stick cookware or food packaging, but can also be present in waterproofing finishes used in clothing manufacturing (which we have never used!)

For more details on our leak proof layer, check out our Product Care and Materials page!

All of our materials are OEKO-TEX Certified and tested safe. Our undies have always been and always will be PFAS undetectable! You can see the full breakdown on our Product Care and Materials page!


We work as fast as possible to get our undies restocked ASAP.

Make sure to sign up for the restock notifications on each product page to be the first notified of your size back in stock, and/or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page for production updates!

Some of our styles may fit a little big (particularly the plus sizes), but you can double check by going to our size chart here!

Our sizing is ALWAYS inclusive, so we offer sizes from XXS-XL & 1X-7X!

If you are looking at our thong undies, then go by your waist measurement. For our plus-sizes, most people can size down.

It all depends on how you want your undies to fit! (eg. if you get bloated on your period and don't like your undies tighter, you might want to size up!)

They do not shrink much if you follow the correct care instructions! They have a lot of stretch, so should maintain their size fairly well.

We have sizes starting at XXS for a few styles, shop our Teen collection for our recommendations!

shipping & exchanges

Absolutely! You can start the process in our returns portal here

All you need is your order number and zip/postal code and it will walk you through a new selection. Once that is done, it will email you your return label!

For International (Non-US/Canada) customers: please email us at hello@getcares.com to start your exchange!

We want to make things easy for you, so within 30 days of delivery, you may exchange your order for another size, style or store credit.

We’re unable to provide refunds on underwear.

If you purchased multiple pairs of underwear, start with only 1 pair to try to see if it's the right style, size, or protection for you.

What's eligible for an exchange?

  • Unworn/unused
  • Unwashed
  • Tried on with another pair of your undies on underneath
  • Or, of course, unopened!

Your order is processed and shipped out from our HQ/Warehouse located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Monday-Friday (Except Holidays) 9-2 PST

Canada: Shipping calculated at checkout.

United States: Shipping calculated at checkout.

International (Outside North America): Shipping calculated at checkout.

Orders typically ship out within 3-5 business days after it is placed. Please note: we have a very small warehouse team so sometimes these ship times may vary.


For daily wear, typically one pair during the day and one at night will be enough! Always be sure to pair the protection level with your flow (i.e., Ultra for heavy days and Regular for medium days).

The underwear will last up to 4 years or more, as long as they are cared for properly. If you are uncertain of the best way to care for your undies, check out the super detailed instructions on our Care page!

We recommend rinsing them immediately after use with a little bit of soap (dish soap works amazingly well to break down the enzymes found in blood). Then machine wash on regular, and hang to dry.

For super detailed instructions, please check out our Care page!

Fun fact! It just means your vagina is healthy! Many people's pH of their discharge/menstrual blood/urine is slightly acidic.

This acidity can interact with the dye of the underwear's fabric. So, if you've been primarily wearing synthetic or light-coloured undies and you haven't seen this before, it's totally normal!

To prevent bleach staining, make sure to rinse out your undies ASAP in cold water with a liquid dish soap, or you can use enzymatic stain removers.

No! They'll be fine, just make sure they get a good soak in water (and you can also throw in a couple tablespoons of vinegar) to help break up the stain from the fabric and then do the pre-wash, then throw it in the machine as normal.

We get that life and executive dysfunction can get in the way, but because our bamboo and cotton gussets are naturally anti-microbial, you're good, just don't leave it for too long!


Pre-order any available sold out size/colour by just selecting it on each product page!

Pre-ordered products will be shipped out starting in September. Please note that shipping times may vary depending on your location.

Yes, you can cancel or modify your pre-order up until August 30th 2024. Please contact our customer support team at hello@getcares.com for assistance.

Yes, all orders that include in-stock items will ship separately – we won’t make you wait or pay double shipping!

Totally fine! Once you receive your order, you will have the standard 30 days to exchange your order. Better yet, just reach out to us on the chat. We can help you with sizing to avoid exchanges!

As long as you notify us before August 30th, we can change the Ship To address for you!

For now, just the Freya and Charlie are available for pre-order, but later we will be adding more!


These bras have been so highly requested! We're working on bringing them to life but likely won't be available until some time in 2025.

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Bruised Peach items or Bundle Packs cannot be bought with discount codes.

Coupons or Discounts are not stackable during our Sitewide Sale.

We currently only offer order pick up from our Vancouver warehouse 10-5 Monday-Friday (Except Holidays), but you can shop in-store at any of these locations: Store Locator

Our posted operation hours are 10-5 Monday to Friday (Except Holidays)

If you are unable to make these hours, we can ship it to you for our flat shipping rate, or just email us at hello@getcares.com in case we might be able to accommodate a slightly earlier or later pickup time.

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